Insecure Writers, welcome back!

By | October 2, 2013




Hello my dearies and welcome to the Book Bunnies Blog!

It’s the second day of the fourth quarter of the year and I welcome all you fellow insecurists to our bunny home (and YAY to the new IWSG’s very own website!!).

Let me start with a short introduction – there’s eight of us in total, writerlings all. We found each other through a NaNoWriMo writing group, which should tell you something about how we like our writerly adventures – madcap and in a flurry, the lot of us. *snigger*

Our little bunny group covers a whole rainbow of subjects (and the use of rainbow is quite on purpose here). Kimberley, Bella, Sasha and Kerry all write erotica and romance of the lgbt variety. Becca writes historical stories, Three is an all-rounder, Michelle writes YA fiction and I myself write fantasy of various flavours. Some of us wrote fan fiction once upon a time, some haven’t, some are published, some are not (even close).

Objectively speaking, we don’t have that much in common, but we all write, we all have the same sort of problems with our writing (time or lack of it, mad characters annoying us and messing up plotlines, grammar, markets and marketing, to name but a few). And yet… here we are, and we even have the blog to prove it.

So here we are, writing. And loving it, loving the feedback (well I’m kinda assuming we all feel the same about that, but hey…what do you say, my bunny girls?), loving the sense of not being alone with your piece of paper or the empty screen in front of you. Writing is a lonely job, a solitary endeavour for the most part. Having a group of friends give you the right sort of push when you need it is invaluable.

That goes for all of you guys and gals, too – the Insecure Writers’ Support Group is exactly that sort of community. YAY for all of us!!

Do you have a special person you share your writing with in order to further your craft? A writing group, online or in real life? Is a sense of community important to your writerly life? Drop me a line and let me know!

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Bella on 3 October 2013 at 6:01 AM.

I love the bunnies :D


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